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Hear Mike on the No-Nonsense Roundtable!

Dom Genova hosts the "No-Nonsense Roundtable" every Saturday morning on WHAM 1180 AM - check out his description of his latest episode with The Getaway Guy!

My guest this week is Mike O’Brian, most of you know him from his time on TV as the “Getaway Guy” giving us all recommendations and advice on what to do when looking to do something in New York ...and when to do it.
You may not know it but he had a career in radio too !
He now has a podcast, a book and lots of recommendations on cool and interesting places to spend your leisure time.
Find out how to get his fantastic advice and have some fun !
Join in Saturday 10-11 a.m. on NewsradioWham1180

Check out more episodes of the No-Nonsense Roundtable online at


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